Meet Glowlab

Glowlab is an advanced NFT marketplace with an attractive UI, and some radically distinctive features like loans against NFTs, auctions , raffles , support for files up to 30 MB, using IPFS for file storage, the low commissions, and more!

Why Glowlab?

Glowlab was built keeping artists in mind and it strives to set the new standard for NFTs in the EVMOS ecosystem. It is an NFT marketplace running on the EVMOS that features per-item customizable royalties.

Glowlab Standards

All Glowlab NFTs are ERC1155 compatible which means each one can have multiple copies;

They also implement the EIP-2981 Royalty Standard, which allows creators to set a royalty percent that automatically gets transferred to their wallet whenever future sales of the NFTs happen. No extra work needed.

Glowlab Support

Glowlab supports image, video, and audio NFTs and all metadata is stored on Filecoin and IPFS which means the content you're buying or selling will never be taken down or tampered with.

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