Working in the healthcare field, we've experienced and witnessed struggles donning gloves before entering patient rooms. Whether it be a time constraint, wet or sweaty hands that make donning harder, or just the tempting urge to be lazy, glove donning can be overlooked. This failure to comply to PPE standards leads to the spread of diseases, including C-Diff and MRSA. We think having a more interesting and easy way of donning gloves will prevent many of the diseases from spreading.

What it does

With the use of GloveOn!, donning gloves never has been more appealing. Its ergonomic and novel appeal allows for easy (and fun!) glove donning experience that can caters to a healthcare setting to prevent the preventable spread of diseases.

How we built it

We've designed and developed the hardware using OnShape, a cloud-based computer aided design platform. We used an Arduino to create a rack-and-pinion mechanism to initiate a low-pressure chamber within the device. Once a glove is placed on the opening holder and a hand is slid inside the opening, a sensor will activate the piston to lower the pressure behind the glove, simultaneously expanding the glove for easy donning and checking for holes.

Challenges we ran into

The lack of certain equipment led us to find alternatives that would not be as cost effective. However, these problems can be combatted with the proper techniques, materials, and technology for future implementations. We also ran into last-minute electrical issues with a noisy power supply on one extreme and current overdraft on the other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created a completed idea with the limited tools and equipment readily available. This is a novel approach to a growing problem. Coming from a healthcare background and witnessing the patients' struggles and knowing that their discomfort and pain can be avoided, and we are happy to find ways on continuing the research for the best practices for patient safety.

What's next for GloveON

Our next step is a high-quality prototype, which will be used to gather interest from healthcare providers and collect extensive user feedback. Once that feedback is collected, we will produce and market our device to large health-care institutions such like hospitals, including but not limited to incubation rooms, and nursing homes.

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