Winters around Chicago can get pretty cold, often to the point where it's dangerous to go outside without proper gear. The fingers are the most sensitive part of the body to frost bite so its important to make sure that you have warm gloves whenever you leave the house. However, good winter gloves are often very large and inconvenient, its nearly impossible to accomplish many tasks when wearing them, such as using your phone and they are so large that they inconvenient to store when not being worn.

That's where Glove Actually comes in.

Glove Actually is a fully functional smart glove that is able to keep your hands safe and warm while still providing the usability and comfort of a lightweight glove. The Glove Actually contains a temperature sensor which constantly monitors the condition of your hands. If your hands become cold enough that they are in danger of suffering from frost bite the automatic heating system powers on keeping your hands comfortable and safe.

In addition, the Glove Actually allows you to control your smart phone over Bluetooth. For the particularly cold days when you don't want to have spend time fiddling around with your phone trying to get your phone to work through gloves, the Glove Actually contains several convenient buttons that communicate wirelessly with your smart phone. Each button is programmable to easily control a different function of your phone. With a simple click of the button you can perform a variety of tasks, such as checking notifications, playing or pausing music, or calling a favorite contact.

Built With

  • android
  • bluetooth
  • conductive-thread
  • flora
  • fun
  • glove
  • mosfet
  • temperature-sensing
  • tom-jones
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