Young adults have lower income but the most enthusiastic attitude towards travelling. This results in the discovery of two travelling method: Backpacking and Working Holiday. For backpacking, they earn money in their home city and spend their limited money during travelling. However, the enjoyments of foods or other tourism products are limited due to their limited time and money. For working holiday, they need to spend a long period of working time in specific city oversea. As a result, they will waste their time that they should spend on travelling.

The period of preparing travelling expense is boring and cost inefficient. This is the exact problem that we are targeting in this project.

What it does

Recently, there is a very popular term called "Slash Career". It represents a life that is made up of more than one job or related careers. Slash can work for multiple jobs at the same period. However, Slash is mainly working in the local city. What our mobile app does is to combine Slash and working holiday which allows the user to find their jobs in different cities anywhere, anytime. We provided a Uber like platform for all users to search for the different jobs that located in their nearby position. So, they will be able to accept those job on our app.

How we built it

We will build the frontend system by using React Native as it allows us to deploy the application into multiple mobile platforms (include Android and iOS). For the backend system, we will build it by using node.js and host all the scripts on the cloud of Azure. The backend system mainly uses for storing the jobs data, so all the app users can access the new jobs offer through GloSlash.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have already built the prototype of GloSlash in React Native based on iOS platform. And we have also created a RESTful API in the Azure cloud that allowed us to retrieve all the offering job details from the database.

What's next for GloSlash

We will continue to develop the new functionalities of GloSlash. And finally, we hope that we can cultivate a new working culture in the whole world.

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