Often small businesses seem to be taken advantage of, and aren't able to make much profit. This is where our project comes in. It helps small business owners to maximize their profit, along with improving the whole shopping experience.

What it does

We created this application to help local business owners provide better services to customers as well as improve their current offerings. We first researched the gaps in the demand of consumers and the supply of services by local businesses.

We created an application that has features that help improve the customer experience and increase engagement with perks and in-app gamification. This serves the shop owners with customer retention and growth as well as incentivises loyal customers with perks such as discounts and cashbacks.

We help small businesses to gain Capital for business, through various methods such as crowdfunded loans (currently at ≈0% interest).

We help small businesses to make profit, as they can buy products with the capital we help them provide, and sell them to make profit.

We even help small businesses with analytics so as to help them compete with big giants, and plan their business accordingly.

How we built it

  1. We built an API for the application using TypeScript and node with a MongoDB database.
  2. We built the frontend for the application on the Web to make it more accessible and platform-independent.
  3. We deployed the frontend on Netlify and the Backend on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

  • Extracting market demand and identifying relevant features.
  • Implementing a robust system for transactions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a fully functional SaaS application that can be effectively leveraged relatively easily into the existing markets with immense potential for growth not only for itself but for our client business as well. We have made it very extensible with a ton of possibilities that can be explored and implemented.

What we learned

Creating a robust service

So the application is reliable and data is consistently secured with customer privacy as priority.

Creating extensible application

We were able to extend the app and integrate more features than we initially planed for using a modular design approach for developing the application.

What's next for Glocal Shop

Glocal Shop is an application that has a lot of room for expansion and extending the service domain.

  • Adding Shop Credits as a return for investment in a shop, which will help shops with capital as well as direct customer retention, while customers are benefited with perks.
  • Integrating AI to predict inventory requirements.
  • Creating iOS and Android applications to reach a wider audience.
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