We noticed that many families have an excess of medical and living supplies as a result of changes to supply chain and shopping behavior. We started asking: How can we reconnect local, regional, and global resources to support the ever growing need of equipment to slow down the spread?

What it does

Glocal Net is an online platform where community members can post their excess supplies and look for supplies that they need from other users. Glocal Net can tally the amount of excess supplies and supplies needed from different communities and provide the government with this information for more efficient allocation of resources.

How we built it

The Glocal Net prototype is built with Figma and a variety of Figma UI Kits. Production validation and MVP testing will be in the form of Google Forms survey. The pitch deck is created through Microsoft Powerpoint.

Challenges we ran into

Figma UI design involves multiple layers, and we ran into problems with frame layout. We had to create a UI design with consistent color design. Due to time restrictions, we couldn't carry out the user survey to validate traction of our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a consistent UI design that exceeded our expectations in very limited time. We were able to convey our idea clearly in a 5 minute presentation.

What we learned

We learned to design UI through Figma, finding and using different UI design kits, and creating logo.

What's next for Glocal Net

Offer delivery service and recommend local/online stores that can safely fit the user's need. Partner with local NGOs to work on good cause.

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