We wanted to be able to allow people to understand the news they read in context because often times, we ourselves will read about events happening on the other side of the globe, but we have no idea where it is. So we wanted a way to visualize the news along with it's place in the world.

What it does

Visualize the news as it happens in real-time, all around the world. Each day, GLOBEal aggregates news and geotags it, allowing the news to be experienced in a more lucid and immersive manner. Double click on a location and see what's happening there right now. Look into the past and see how the world shifts as history is made.

How we built it

We used WebGL's Open Globe Platform to display magnitudes of popularity that were determined by a "pagerank" we made by crawling google ourselves and using WebHose API's. We used python scripts to create these crawlers and API calls, and then populated JSON files. We also used javascript with google maps, here maps, and google news apis in order to allow a user to double click on the globe to see the news from that location.

Challenges we ran into

Google blocked our IPs because our web crawler made too many queries/second Our query needs were too many for the free version of WebHose, so we called them and got a deal where they gave us free queries in exchange for attribution. So shout out to!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned how to make web crawlers, how to use javascript/html/css, and developed a partnership with Webhose Made a cool app!

What we learned

Javascript, Firebase, webhose, how to survive without sleep

What's next for GLOBEal News

INTERGALACTIC NEWS! Work more on timelapse Faster update times Tags on globe directly Click through mouse rather than camera ray

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