As a culturally diverse team of individuals from around the world, we understand the reality of culture shock and the importance of recovering from it as fast as possible, whether in a business or vacation setting.

When Stuart Friedman challenged the participants of HackGenY to make an app that would revolutionize the way we learn about culture, we were inspired to create GlobalOsmosis. We like to think of it as a “Sparknotes for culture”, letting business-people and tourists alike discover the customs of a new place quickly and accurately before they arrive.

The cross-platform compatible web app allows users to submit information ranging from etiquette to fashion to food, building a crowdsourced database of cultures across the globe. Anyone can access this information, and whether it’s months in advance of a trip or on the plane ride there, will be sure to benefit from its minimization of the culture gap.

The other feature of GlobalOsmosis is a chat room, in which users from different countries can share information on their respective cultures in real time and build global relationships in the comfort of one’s own home. With this exchange of cultures available at the click of a mouse or a tap of a screen, culture shock is but a minor step in international travel.

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