People trying to make their home in this country are inundated with forms that are difficult to fill out and full of duplilcation.

What it does

Our app presents one form to the user and then uses those answers to fill out multiple forms at once.

How we built it

We have an html form that submits to a node server. That node server than reads multliple pdf forms and maps the user's answers to the appropriate fields on the government form pdfs. The new pdfs are then added to a .zip file and sent to the user. We used Google translate's API to handle page translation and to allow individual form fields to be translated upon form submission.

Challenges we ran into

Merge conflicts. Deploying an app that can read and write pdf files to Heroku required compiling native binaries proved difficult. We're still struggling with getting binaries to correctly install on Heroku. Mapping government forms with 20 pages full of fields is also painful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Automating reading a directory full of pdf files and dumping the mappings into text files in a mappings folder. We have multiple developers who were to continuously develop and push changes. There were merge conflicts but we communicated and worked together well. We made a great app without a database and a minimal API.

What we learned

We learned a lot about working with javascript promises and a templating language most of us were not familiar with. We got a lot of good practice with styling with css.

What's next for GlobalHack7Submission

Deploy the app. Port to a mobile app for mobile users.

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