Our vision is to build the largest global marketplace for commercial real estate, where local deals, agents, brokerages and buyers go global.

What it does

We match and connect between buyers and buyer-side agents to seller-side agents with listings, on a global scale.

In the commercial brokerage market today, we see an increasing trend where buyers, sellers, and even agents are from different places on the globe, while only the assets are local.

Today, In this market an agent with listings is struggling to sell each one of them. He will try first to offer his clients, then he will try to co-op with another trusted agent/broker to find leads, and then eventually, he will advertise it on various MLS's. However, all those channels have limited exposure to buyers, and there's a chance that there are potential buyers out there, who are looking for those listings but are not accessible for the agent.

What if there was a way to access all the buyers of all the agents/brokers from all over the world, in one click?

Well, this is what GlobalCRE actually does. We enable agents and brokers to be exposed to those buyers of other agents around the globe if their criteria are matching their listing. This is done while keeping the buyer's details undisclosed, as well as an option to keeping the exact location of the listing undisclosed - all together is keeping both buyer and seller sides safe.

The platform is fully automated, generating teaser for buyers in one click, send it to the right buyers and notifying their agents when they are interested. In addition, in order to enable collaboration on a global scale, we enable users to choose their own language, currency, units of measurement and desired locations.

And at last, any agent can even before publishing his listings, how many (his or other's agents) buyers will receive his offering and how many buyers are interested in his properties.

How we built it

We have researched the brokerage market and interviewed many agents and brokers from the US, Canada, and Europe and learned that they all have the same challenges when trying to sell or buy properties for their clients. We have built a demo and production sites which are fully operating and working.

Challenges we ran into

We have successfully overcome some major challenges such as: -How we can keep the marketplace trusted with vetted buyers and brokers? Solution: Our platform is an invite-only marketplace. We invite vetted agents and brokers, they invite their vetted buyers and colleagues. We can weed out untrusted and unreliable agents and brokers, and they can weed out their untrusted and unreliable buyers.

  • How can we keep the information of the agents safe? Solution: Each agent is the only one authorized to see his list of properties and buyers, no one else can access his data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

On a real test, we made at the Israeli market, we saw the huge value our platform had brought to the agents. Suddenly, they can reach potential vetted buyers, who were inaccessible until now. Not only this, now they could source and offer their buyers properties from all over the world, without any hustle.

What we learned

We have learned that agents are most interested to increase their commercial sales by collaboration with other agents, especially if they know that they have a safe and trusted environment.

What's next for GlobalCRE

We plan to start operating GlobalCRE in New Jersey before the end of this year and then expanding to other states and countries around the world, connecting them all to the largest commercial marketplace.

Built With

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  • including-google-maps-api
  • currency-rates
  • microsoft-mvc
  • azure
  • .net-core
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  • google-maps
  • sms-send/receive
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