We are often too busy to plan our next trip and can't make use of the time inflight or in our car. Flights are often boring as there is no way to chat with others on the flight or play a game with them or discuss what to see at the destination or what on board movies are worth watching.

What it does allows you to chat, play and socialize with other passengers! Plan your journey with maps and points of interest from Here based on your destination or current in flight location. Alternatively, the mobile version will take hands free voice assistance via Alexa input while Watson takes your natural language and personalizes recommended activities for you based on your preferences.

How I built it

Built on Javascript , using the Panasonic Avionics inflight system, Twilio for messaging between passengers, a database server to keep track of who is on the flight and in what seat, Here location services to provide a map of the current or destination location and points of interest based on the user's preferences and IBM Watson to converse naturally with the user. We also plan to integrate Alexa for speech recognition as an alternative to touch.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the interfaces, being unfamiliar with the APIs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting chat to work via Twilio and being able to utilize here to display maps and integrating these APIs into a single user interface.

What I learned

There's a lot that can be achieved by mashing up these APIs to provide a seamless experience.

What's next for

Work with airlines or Panasonic to complete the product and incorporate any features we didnt finish

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