Art teals stories much butter than many books and words, Art is the language that everyone can see and understand and enjoy. so we created this artwork to represent the Traveler Ibn Batutta to share his stories

What it does

you can see a generated form of Ibn Batutta and if you zoom in you can see the places that Ibn Batutta has visited

How I built it

Well our artwork is almost complex due that it's from multiple steps and layers of AI models, so the idea is to illustrate Ibn Battuta's travels so to express that, we combined multiple images of the landscapes that Ibn Battuta's visited in one picture that shows Ibn Batuta face using multiple-images, so started to read history more and search the landscapes of the visited images, it's us against time so we used our programming skills to automate and collect that in a minutes, and helpfully collected five thousand image of the places that Ibn Batutta visited, and the first step had finished! after that, we programmatically made a model that arranges the five thousand images to create Ibn Battuta's portrait. but the thing is that every artist is guessing a different look of Ibn Batutta, so we took all the artwork of Ibn Battuta and made a DCGAN model to generate the Ibn Batutta's portrait, So the Idea is done but our Artistic sense is telling us that the color tone is not matching, so we added the Style Transfer Model to our project to give us the feeling and the color that speaks the old travail art, and added the images to form the portrait to give interactivity to see the history of Ibn Batutta

Challenges I ran into

adding all the three models during the race of time and competition

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud that we took the challenge to compete globally and put a lot of effort

What I learned

more in Image processing

What's next for Al-Rahalah

More Enhancements in the model and the image collection and also to add colorful images

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