The genre of my game is mystery. The player is playing the role of a character that has no memory and trapped in a cell of a dungeon in the medieval times. The goals of the game are to escape the cell by finding clues from the objects in the cell and solve them, and to reveal the story of the character. The player can explore the cell and interact with the objects. There will be descriptions and what actions can be done with the objects to provide clues for the player to solve them.

Details of the game idea Title:

Brief intro: The player is trapped in a cell of a dungeon. He must escape by looking for clues from the objects in the cell to get the key to the hidden door.This is a first person perspective mystery game.

Player motivation: The player plays a role of a person who has no memory and doesn’t know the reason why he is locked in the cell. He is driven by a desire to explore the cell and solving clues.

Genre: mystery

Design goal: Trying to provide tension and suspense, and to get the player into the story.

Concept: Game environment: Middle ages, dark, dirty cell in the dungeon (with some kind of symbol on the wall), dungeon inside a castle Inside the cell: a bed, table, hidden door under the bed(locked), nightstand(locked with a note in it), kettle(filled with water), cup(empty)

Character: 1) player: with no memory, don’t know the reason why he is locked in the cell

Brief Background Story: A witch was locked in the cell for a long time, the person who bring her food helped her to escape by taking an unconscious man to the dungeon, which the witch switch body with, so she can leave the cell without anyone notice. However, during the process, villagers noticed and locked her(the player) up again. And she lost memory during the process of switching body.

Flow of the game: In cell -> get cup->empty kettle->get key1->get key2 from nightstand->open hidden door under bed and escape

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