Exponential growth of the cases and ineffectiveness of the regional responses will provoke more chaotic situations when the virus reaches the underresourced regions. The only solution to this problem is a global data analysis and control center, where the users register voluntarily with only the smartphones and additional devices such as wristbands medical supplies are provided by the regions.

What it does

The center coordinates the data analysis and feedback to the regions and regional centers should be responsible from the movements and connectedness of the users as well as coordinating with the authorities to manage the seamless flow of data as well as update of the application, distribution of the medical supplies and usage of the facilities.

How I built it

This project is at the conceptual stage, but It's applicable to a global scale, since it uses simple resources with a single weak link of regional coordination. However, this part of the project is flexible and will improve as other regions start sharing the success stories

Challenges I ran into

I did not run into any challenge so far, but I anticipate a big challenge when I start the operation phase. The development will be relatively easy since I can find unlimited voluntary developer resources. The operation difficulties that I anticipate are the political conflicts between the management roles of the regional centers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the project plan based on the early feedback I received from the viewers and teams.

What I learned

I learned that a virus can only be contained, not killed, but this can be done with people who trust each other and work together.

What's next for Global Virus Response System

This project is not only for SARS-COV2, It needs to be in place even for the next pandemic virus. I collected the details of this project in the following article:

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