After watching the social dilemma, I was really inspired by the developer who left Google to found the Center for Humane Technology. Although I am a computer science major, I've always been conscious of the negative effect that technology has had on the mental health of my generation. I want this project to inspire my peers to look out for each other and look out for their own mental health.

What it does

2 things -

The first part is a compare-and-contrast visualization tool that lets you see almost any two countries' aptitudes to treat patients with mental illnesses based on resources available per 100 000 people. This tool makes it super easy to see differences in cultural attitude towards mental health, as well as trends in specific countries.

The second part is a basic supervised learning model that predicts the number of suicides based on a given year, age group, sex, country, and current population. The model turned out to be pretty accurate based on the loss function, and the visualization of the forest looked fairly symmetrical to past trends.

How I built it

I learned the basics of Pandas on Kaggle, and so that really helped me build this project. I also didn't sleep at all and pretty much read through all of matplotlib documentation :-)

Challenges I ran into

Honestly I wanted to build something better onto my machine learning model, like another type of tool that can accept user input and output a prediction, but I wasn't able to figure it out.

I also struggled with the interpretation of my graphs. I am glad I got the experience with Pandas and sci-kit, but at times it felt a bit tedious. A good data scientist generates real value from his analysis, and I'm not quite sure I've done that yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first side project! Ever! I didn't even think I could build a machine learning model by myself, but it wasn't too bad at all.

What I learned

  • There are an infinite amount of ways to represent data nicely, and the appearance of a chart/figure actually really matters.
  • I learned how to commit to Github
  • I learned that the status quo regarding the rate of suicide is not just OK, and I want to get more involved in raising awareness especially after this project.

What's next for Global Trends in Suicide and Mental Health Awareness

No idea. If anyone wants to add on or has suggestions, by all means message me!

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