Global Public Telehealth Resource Aggregator


As a physician entrepreneur working in digital health, I realized that even I didn't know where to find all the available telehealth resources in one place. Therefore, felt a need to create a public, global, and exhaustive resource with accurate information on teleconsults services. During COVID19, this becomes an important must-know, must-have, must-do initiative for the greater good.

What it does

Live directory to capture Telehealth providers from around the world, and their information accessible to the global community. One-stop-shop for finding access to healthcare providers digitally via Telehealth - removes redundancy of misinformation/lack of disposable information to public as a large-scale mass initiative.

How we built it

We started with a Google spreadsheet, and later converted it into an Airtable for more functionality and scaleability

Challenges we ran into

  • Distinguishing between regular/COVID pricing, as many services were in process of updating their policies
  • We lost some information (later retrieved) on providing edit access to visitors, therefore later restricted it to our team
  • Due to overwhelming community response, we needed to device ways to keep up with real-time document updating
  • Finding a place for B2B services due to many requests, so we decided to make a separate tab for them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Released the document within about 36 hours of starting; with about 65 service provider entries on March 22, 2020, ~10:35p US ET. Within 36 hours, the LinkedIn post had 4.5k views, and we had received requests from all over the world for edits, additions, redistribution, and sharing.

What we learned

We learned that there is a dire need for:

  1. Awareness among public about telehealth services, particularly its uptake during such times
  2. Widespread distribution efforts at individual and governmental level for a single Go-To resource directory for telehealth
  3. All telehealth service providers to be listed in a global aggregate directory
  4. Certification of such a global directory by a central healthcare body such as WHO

What's next for Global Telehealth Resource Aggregator

  1. Continue to build out an exhaustive, complete database of existing and emerging telehealth services worldwide
  2. Build our team
  3. Scale globally for mass distribution
  4. Potentially request certification from WHO

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