This presentation is about a Chatbot solution that was built for a leading Music Company for their global sales reporting solution comprising of physical, digital and combined sales. The company used existing web application for querying sales information which was a complex and tedious process.

The Music Company was looking at innovative alternate solution which provided easy access of sales figures with an enriched user experience.

LTI came up with a Chatbot solution as an innovative option to increase user adoption of the their web portal for global sales reporting as the user can get all information with simple intuitive conversation and not requiring any application knowledge. The solution leveraged Amazon’s Lex services for building Chat interface. The Chatbot enables the business user to retrieve the information needed at any time as the Chatbot is an always ON model.

Chatbot can handle user queries based on 3 parameters:

  1. Artist
  2. Region
  3. Period

Chatbot solution architecture involves a NodeJS based framework that provides various channels such as HTML, Facebook and Slack for the Chat. NodeJS npm module “aws-sdk” for Amazon web Services makes configuration with Amazon Lex through the configuration ids thereby establishes communication channel with the framework.

Value Proposition of using Chatbot interface:

• Enriched Customer Experience • User Adoption increased by over 25% • Quicker employee onboarding onto the portal

Instructions for using the Bot. Login to below portal using the credentials provided Email: Password: sophia@123 Click on the Global Sales Reporting Option and ChatBot can be seen at the bottom Start Conversing with the ChatBot

Sample Bot conversations Below are some of the sample chat utterances by the user that a Bot can handle. The Bot is smart enough to handle different variations and it learns. • Hi, I am looking for Sales figures for Arijit Singh • Give me sales for Neha Kakkar in USA • Can I get sales report for Mohit Chauhan from 2015 to 2017 • I need to know sales information for Sonu Nigam for last 2 years • Get me sales report for Arijit Singh in UK

What's next for Global Sales reporting

Use of Voice interface using Alexa device for sales reporting

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