Inspiration Global CBDC Reserve Bank was inspired by BCK ICO. It compliments our fintech card because all CBDC's will be available on it. It is built using Regulatory in mind.

What it does: Global CBDC Reserve Bank issues all CBDC for all Countries and Territories. Research and Development is done with a respective Country's Reserve Bank. Our Fintech Card is used by Citizens across the Globe to enjoy their CBDC, XRP or any Cryptocurrency of their choice.

How we built it: It is built on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) Stack. The XRPL Blockchain is then integrated with LAMP. Further integrations with our Partners VISA and MasterCard is done with Apache Tomcat via JAVA using Eclipse. Integration with XRPL is via xrpl4j. The Front End uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

The NFT Market Place is developed in Python using JetBrains PyCharm. For client side development like Use-To-Earn Agritech Farmers earn CBDC or XRP when they manage their Farm Digitally we use JavaScript. Learners also earn CBDC or XRP for Learning on Play-To-Earn games developed on XRPL.

We are Computer Scientist and want to develop our own Blockchain Based OS (Operating System). We are going to use XRPL as our OS's Foundation. The OS will ship with an XRPL based wallet, NFT Market Place and Crypto Arbitage Trading Bot. The OS will also ship with our XRPL SmartPhone that will be manufactured soon.

Challenges we ran into: Lack of Buy in from Legacy Banks and South African Reserve Bank after it was presented to them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Our Fintech has paying customers. We have secured VISA and MasterCard Partnerships. We are on the Microsoft Partner Network, IBM Partner World, Oracle Partner Network and SAP StartUp Focus Member. We were nominees in the TEA 2017 Awards We are Researching and Developing with SAP.

What we learned: It takes time to develop great technology. We have Legacy Regulatory Silos to break! We must include all stakeholders early.

What's next for Global Reserve Bank: Cash Injection from XRPL to develop the Official Product. Procurement from Implementer Banks and Nations. Please visit our ARIBA Profile. Implementation with Ripple, Legacy Reserve Banks and Retail Banks. Roll out on our growing customer pool. More Research and Development with our Partners.

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