When meeting new people, it can sometimes feel awkward to correct someone on our pronouns and the pronunciation of our names. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing these details with their acquaintances. This is why we created Global Par-tea!

What it does

Global Par-tea is a website that allows the user to enter in their name, which accent they would like it to be pronounced in, their preferred pronouns, and a small self-introduction. Every entry is displayed in its own box and users can click each one to listen to the person’s name pronunciation. This way, we’ve created an interactive meeting room for everyone to get more comfortable with one another.

How we built it

Global Par-tea was created with CSS, JavaScript, and React for the frontend. The backend was developed with the Amazon Polly API, Python, and the Flask framework.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with storing the information into a local database and then pulling it out again to display back on the website. We also ran into some problems regarding the audio output for the name pronunciations. Overall, we mostly needed some mentoring help with the backend, but in the end, we solved our problems and came up with an amazing product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that our project was completed with a visually appealing UI and functional backend. We incorporated many features into our website to make it as aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly as possible.

What we learned

We learned how to create a Flask REST API and connect it to a React web app. We also learned how to use the AWS Python SDK by calling the Amazon Polly text-to-speech API and how to collaborate on software via GitHub and VSCode Live Share. We also branched out to some UI components such as React and more complicated CSS.

What's next for Global Par-tea

Our next steps are to add user authentication and move to an online database that allows users to access and share their personal information with their friends.

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