It all started on the sunny campus of Stanford University where our team met with one shared goal: to fix our vague and broken methods of measuring and achieving sustainable progress. We identified issues with how the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals were- or were not- being implemented and monitored. Various questions lingered such as how far we were towards achieving goals, a lack of data available to show progress, and what action needed to be done to get there.

The main problem was the lack of accountability, transparency and collaboration by all stakeholders including governments, non-profits, corporations, institutions, and citizens to measure progress and contribute to SDGs.

The Problem: Across all levels of society there have consistently been various issues regarding sustainability:

Individuals feel discontented to the goals and helpless as to how they can take action and contribute to the global agenda. They see business act in ‘greenwashing’ their actions rather than committing to meaningful sustainable solutions. Results from positive actions or projects take years to bring unclear results, and thus become a source of frustration rather than positive feedback. Corporations are experiencing an increasingly changing business climate where customers demand action, transparent data, and a shift from prioritizing shareholders to stakeholders. This shift to a purpose economy leaves corporations unsure how to respond quickly. Governments have to contend with chaotic data and poor reporting that is not aligned to the SDGs, making it hard to know what is happening and who is responsible.

Our Solution: We want to bring tangible impact to the forefront of business practices, empowering individuals to act, and creating communities around the most important causes everywhere. We are creating a global community that seeks to showcase tangible verified impact from various actions and instantly see how those actions contribute to the SDGs. By allocating the created impact to those that are responsible for it, everyone can transparently see what is being done and by who. This increases accountability throughout society and will lead to more responsible behavior to help solve our Global Goals.

What it does

Vision: Our vision is to give people the power to collectively solve the world’s toughest environmental, social and economic challenges by facilitating and praising positive impact, globally.

Our Mission is to connect you with the people and projects that matter to you and facilitate positive change for both nature and society. We aim to provide you with the tools to make sustainable choices, measure your impact, and become a leader in sustainability.

A sustainability platform Global Impact is a new social network that empowers all levels of society to make a positive impact. Our platform tracks, measures, and showcases sustainable progress to collectively understand how close we are to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Global Impact provides opportunities for all users to take action, supporting causes through Impact Events, Impact Investing and advocating.

User Profiles Our users are categorized into 4 groups. Individuals, Businesses, Organizations (non-profits, schools/universities), and Governments. Each individual’s (student, employee, activist, etc.) positive impact contributes to the organization, business, or institution’s impact score they belong to. The organization’s impact contributes to the city/province/state’s impact score it belongs to. The city/province/state level contributes to the national/country impact. We align all impact to the UN SDGs to educate our global population of progress. Individuals can attend events in their local area to receive verified and measurable impact. Organizations can host local impact events and gather volunteers who are passionate about specific impact creation. Corporations and business’ are verified by their specific SDG compliance. We work with companies to verify sustainable impact business models, measuring their contribution to a national and international level. Corporations can also verify impact through proof points with local organizations they invest in. Schools can track and monitor student’s obligatory volunteering. All user’s showcase their impact, debate and post articles about the world's toughest environmental, social and economic challenges. Global Impact creates communities that don't only bond online but create meaningful relationships offline too.

Value Proposition Our unique value proposition is our Global Impact Score (GIS), a social currency awarded to users for making a positive impact. Through the GIS, a core feature of our platform is gamification.

What this feature does is allow us to rank users at the individual level amongst their friends, in their communities; organizations; businesses and governments amongst each other. These rankings are designed as a race for good, and showcase our top performers as leaders of sustainability, coining the term ‘champions of sustainability.’

Through these rankings, Our Impact Marketplace feature allows businesses with sustainable products to easily access premium consumers they otherwise would not have access to without aggressive marketing on their own. Our users will be able to use their rankings to unlock discounts for products they can buy, in exchange for their Global Impact completed badges. Each badge tokenized into virtual currency “Impact Dollar '' they can later use towards an ‘Impact Purchase’. We solve the problem of worldly bystanders by encouraging, facilitating, and incentivizing everyone around the world, to do good.

The Global Hack For The Global Hack, we have narrowed the scope and have chosen a smaller aspect of the greater vision, with a focus on how everyone can respond to COVID19. We connect people to COVID 19 response projects so that individuals can take action, track impact and showcase solidarity in this historic moment in time when we need greater collaboration. We also used a small aspect of gamification by awarding users with ‘impact badges’ associated to the event in which action has been created. Further, users will understand how this action aligns to the UN SDGs.

We wanted to show that we can build from scratch an android application that works in functionality to prove our concept, even if it is only a fraction of the greater vision.

How we built it

For The Global Hack : The tech stack that we used to build the application is java for coding the front end of the application and google firebase for the backend.

For our MVP we are building a Web Application, IOS and Android mobile applications. We have started development for the web application, and are currently in the middle of a sprint out of the hackathon. We thought it would be useful to provide information for how we are building our MVP to show the commitment we have for this project once the hackathon is over. We are building our MVP back end architecture with MongoDB and NodeJS. For front end architecture we are using React for the web browser and React Native for ios and android mobile applications.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to narrow the scope of our greater vision and concentrate on a singular aspect for the functionality during the hackathon. We had to prioritise what would be achievable in 3 days. It was also challenging to manage and maintain our on-going tech development for our MVP while simultaneously building an android app for COVID-19 in the Global Hack. We experienced technical difficulty in data and database modeling due to time constraints. Also, there was difficulty implementing clean code architecture due to time constraints. Moreover, as all team members were in different time zones, from India to Seychelles, to Toronto, Boston and Colorado, was definitely a challenge that we proudly overcame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of generating a lot of traffic and interest in our platform. From the support of our Professors at Stanford as well as people in the Global Hack. For instance, the United Nations SDG Action Campaign as well as the EU teams have shown interest in collaboration with us, which is awesome! We currently have a client pipeline of 2 NGOs, 5 corporations, 2 High-schools, 2 universities, 150 individuals and even 2 governments. We’re proud to have built the android app prototype from scratch. We were not able to build out our full idea including more of an interactive community, yet we were able to implement a semi-structure social media application. We are really proud to build out this functionality on android that stays true to our value of creating impact, getting verifiable and tangible results, while awarding badges to represent gamification features. This all came together in such a short period of time. Most of all we are proud that we were able to collaborate so well and each team member carried the weight to make this possible.

What we learned

Discovered a lot of new open source libraries. Collaborating with many different people with different skills and expertise help create a product faster and smarter. Clear and concise communication and strategy implementation was extremely important to deliver our goals in a timely manner.

What's next for Global Impact Network Inc

The team at Global impact is committed to visualizing our greater vision and making sure that all levels of society can make an impact toward the SDGs, even post COVID-19. We look toward continuing the development of our multi-dimensional platform. We solve the problem of worldly bystanders by encouraging, facilitating, and incentivizing everyone around the world to do good. Stemming from the Impact badges you see from the Global Hack demo, when accumulated will be used to measure progress. We look to be a social media platform for social good, where we can use these badges to rank users amongst their friends, as well as in their communities, organizations, and businesses. These rankings are to be known as a ‘race for good’, allowing every individual to make a positive impact and businesses to champion sustainability. Everyday we continue to make connections, network, and create meaningful partnerships that will allow us to take our application to the next level. At Global Impact, we truly believe in collaboration - Alone we may go fast but together we will go far. We look forward to launching during the summer as well as constantly testing, iterating, and building something that people want. Our next crucial step associated with development is to raise the much needed money, for us to be able to continue through our MVP and launch a full-functioning app on both ios and android devices.


With the link for the url to try it out - you will need to install this the APK file on an android divide in order to access the application 'Global Impact'.

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