As students from CAPS, we are seeking opportunities to gain experience in professional problem solving. This year we have already had new experiences in school which have shifted our outlook on the world. One of our team members is enrolled in teacher education, so she provided insight into programs to educate immigrants of opportunities in America. Another team member is enrolled in global business, so he presents ideas centered around integration in the international market. Finally, each of our team members has reflected on their own personal experience building our first resumes, searching for careers, and applying for higher education.

What it does

We built a website that provides immigrants with valuable information in finding careers that are appropriate for each individual's’ qualifications. We strive to make it easier for foreign borns to connect with employers that are specifically seeking immigrant employees.

How we built it

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

While programming we faced complications computing correct font code and implementing an API. Our team had a single programmer with extensive background, but no one had any previous web/app development knowledge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the growth in our programming abilities, as well as collaboration to fully develop a functioning, potential business. We also learned how to utilize each team member's abilities to maximize our ideas and move forward in the developing process.

What's next for Global Hack 7- Ctrl Alt Defeat

We hope to implement our experience of Global Hack 7 to improve our ability to collaborate and advise other students in our respective programs at CAPS.

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