Our inter-connected responsiveness for climate change or global warming is gaining vital importance, as we see environments are getting affected, wherein the stand to conserve and preserve life is a road ahead.

Iceland is vitally important for the rest of the world, it indicates the balance for climate change mitigation and acts as an influencer for ecosystem preservation and virtual congregation of knowledge. . Iceland has a top priority to design Evolutionary thinking that matches procreative dimensioning with formative dimensioning to mitigate risks to its environments.

What it does

The Global Field Balancing Centre helps develop a Continuous Relationship Table with autonomic self-management for all the ecosystems involved.

The Holistic sense of purpose: The insight is to achieve Acceleration for problem solving

Questions used for the problem solving a. What are the elements of the weather in Iceland?

b. What are the features of the climate of Iceland?

c. What are the causes behind the changes in weather?

d. Does the sun set at the same time and in all months of the year?

e. Are the days and nights (virtue wise) equal in length in all months of the year?

f. At what time or in which month, is the temperature of the day maximum?

g. In which region or in which month, is the temperature of the day minimum?

h. Are there mentionable adaptations shown by man? What is the risk?

i. Are there mentionable adaptations shown by animals? What is the risk?

j. Are there mentionable adaptations shown by the climate influenced environment and what are its frequent risks?

k. What can mitigate climate change, depending upon the differences between weather and climate in Iceland?

i. What are the sources of knowledge about the climate of Iceland or its regions? What are the characteristic features of the sources of knowledge?

j. Are there plants or animal life more commonly seen depending upon the climate of a region?

k. What are the weather forecasting systems?

What are the weather reporting systems?

m. What are the weather warning systems?

n. What are the weather alerts that matter?

o. Are satellites, radars, weather or climate watch systems active to broadcast details or accelerators for problem solving?

p. Can winds affect these systems?

q. What is the self-help available or relief available?

What are the sense and respond systems available to manage climate change or climate extremity?

r. Can snowfall or climatic extremes affect telephones, communication systems, soil systems, flora/trees, important or vital for functioning “facilities/buildings/infrastructure”?

s. What is the diameter of a region? How is the boundary decided upon or defined by layouts?

t. Is air movement or changes in air pressure a source of change for risk mitigation?

o. Will a pendulum and its movement remain fixed at all times of the year? Whether time for development & growth of specific living things is constant? The virtual adaptation is described in the framework.

p. Whether the water cycle is predictable?

r. Whether the food chain is predictable?

s. What are the natural, time related or foreign element decomposers ?

t. What are the natural, time related or foreign element balancers?

u. What happens to animal droppings, plant waste, man’s litter or disposal of waste, sewage, sanitation specific waste, dwelling specific waste or any other dynamic living entity’s waste?

What is the main source of water, seas, springs, melting ice, glaciers, ground water, man-made wells?

Are there agricultural systems?

Are there waste water treatment plants?

Are there sewage treatment plants?

What is done to the sludge produced?

Whether composting or bio-gas systems are operable?

What is done to paints, oils, solvents, pesticides/ insecticides/hazardous chemicals?

v. What is the interaction between the soil, water, air and living organisms?

w. Does nature regenerate at all times?

x. Does education cognitively enable people to sense & respond?

y. Does healthcare cognitively assist people in health, wellness and disease prevention?

z. Does economic development have nominators and denominators?

Does there exist any sense & respond system for demand/supply?

Does there exist, any definitive inventory of life support systems and resources?

Does there exist, any dynamic demand conditioning?

Does there exist, any Social performance conditioning?

Are there surveys and assessments for any PRT counselling? PRT stands for Problem-solving, Remedial involvement and Transformational approaches.

Are there Difference-to-Conservation-Strategy programmes in Iceland?

Are there any Core and Complementary systems to decide on priority areas such as epidemiological study, clinical development, bio-informatics for a rational use of drugs, long term pharmacology, narrow therapeutic window and adverse drug event guidance?

Have there been any condition monitoring systems incorporated to mitigate and help during the COVID-19 crisis? Can lifecycles of people, elements of the society & industry change from basic, to managed, to adaptive, to autonomous approaches, as or whenever identified by PRT counselling?

Is there profit sharing to help Risk admittance and achieve more Quality in triple bottom line benefits & biz empowerment?

Can Surveyed Data Integration (SDI) help for any Global Field Balancing of cognition myriads & ecosystems?

4.a Technical details:

(a) Data augmentation via a Continuous Relationship Management Table of continuous and discontinuous change

(b) Definition of inhibitors, activators and inducers for process science, relief work versioning & environmental problem solving

(c) Design of Integrators (Conscious Leaf) for eco-system therapeutic windows, sustainable ownership and “learning” grounds

(d) Design of Perimeter protraction / inter-linking principles for achievable & proportionate problem solving, conservation and preservation

(e) Global Field Balancing Centres to drive quarantining or responsiveness at the macro level

4.b Architecture: PPAS-SDI framework with Cognition myriads, inter-related ecosystem nominators & denominators, augmented procreation or balancing.

PPAS stands for Permeation, Perpetuity, Advancement and Showcasing of nominators and denominators.

How I built it

The Global Field Balancing Centre is a framework that will be showcased for implementation via the landing page

The solution building introspects on associations of common importance such as

(1) Relief work versioning for natural and man-effected disasters

(2) Value chaining for environment or globally showcased conservation and augmenting pro-creation for different sectors and areas of businesses or industries

(3) Balancing responsiveness via Functions such as

+ Risk reduction where versioning drives problem solving or involvement

+ Process science implantation, proportionate objectivity and responsibility for eco-system preservation

+ Standardizing of Tools and Techniques for ecosystem conservation or pro-creation

+ Knowledge harvesting for (ownership specific) self-preservation and networking of strategy

+ Autonomic Quality and Future Reasoning, where Problem-solving, Remedial endeavor and Transformational 
       responsibilities save ecosystems. 

Versioning inter-connected macro solutions with dimensioning & future reasoning can help decision-makers step towards Autonomic Quality in Asset building, fulfillment of sustainable development & risk, and mitigating of risk & vulnerability.

The dimensioning could include

  • Targeted dimensioning

  • Benchmarked dimensioning

  • Fundamental space dimensioning where there are dimensions for Political, Scientific, Social and Spiritual liability

  • Universal value dimensioning in outside perimeter responsibility

  • Organizational value dimensioning for Code of Conduct and Agility to show Liability mindfulness, Resilience and Contingency planning

The links provided build the foundation for the ideation.

Endeavor India Proof of concept URL

Help Integrate Africa Proof of concept URL

Ensuing solutions for Manufacturing:

Sustainable roadmap for tree conservation

Connecting people and environments via

Challenges I ran into

In Iceland and for that matter India, interconnecting of perimeters is a functional knowledge for us as we see states, cities and regions interconnected via geographies of both “micro level division and macro level connection”.

To manage climate change and configurations that enable & augment pro-creation, the next step is about protracting further to inter-link ecosystems for achievable or proportionate problem-solving and principle of support for culture, sustainable development and growth (in an effort to be self-sustaining).

All inter-linking is a transition, as not all elements are proportionately conservative & preservative or functionally similar for the time ahead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The insight to develop a Continuous Relationship Table with autonomic self-management for all the ecosystems involved.

5.1. Connected ideation for Endeavour India, where the Issue of sustainable development & growth is being addressed via an accelerator called Inter-ecosystem balancing.

5.2. Submission to Help Integrate Africa via Data integration for Cognitive Education, Cognitive Healthcare and self-driven economic development via SMART Agricultural systems Proof of concept URL

5.3. Risk mitigation at a knowledge and strategy level Developing a Conscious Leaf framework for being physically distanced and socially connected Proof of concept URL

5.4 Developing a tree conservation roadmap Proof of concept URL

What I learned

As per insightful quality practices, the Continuous Relationship Table will need to help the governing authorities and/or interested parties for social-accountability (1) manage continuous change (that is termed as a time related sense & respond function) and (2) manage discontinuous change (that is termed as an incidence related sense & respond function).

To manage the aforesaid elements that are two different ends of our equation in managing climate change with sustainable development & growth or ends by themselves for responsiveness, we concern ourselves with autonomic sense and respond functions that can manage this type of change.

The ideation states that, to do this, we conceptually need to develop or deploy Global Field Balancing Centres for scenario based inter-connections to help drive or quarantine responsiveness.

What's next for Global Field Balancing Centres

This is a Centre (like any Centre for Industry development) that can help seed, condition and develop more sustainable ownership for different role building associations (for all the current and emerging missions of India) , where there is Permeation, Perpetuity, Advancement and Showcased balancing for different Trust levels (like being Standardized, SMART (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Time-specific), Sustainable, Pro-creative (in showing Fundamental development or recovery)).

Necessities to continue the project Deployment of FASTBIZ systems for fast biz empowerment and profit sharing to help Risk admittance and achieve more Quality in triple bottom line benefits

Baseline Proof of concept URL

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