The Global Dispatches project is an initiative of the Citizens Task Force for finding solutions and building community in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.

What it does

Global Dispatches is employing the best practices of citizen journalism to collect, report, analyze and disseminate news, information and education about the novel coronavirus. We are documenting the human toll of the pandemic with dispatches, photos and videos and by aggregating accounts of scientific and medical research and citizen-led efforts to cope with the pandemic and help stop its spread. The Global Dispatches project’s aim is to remind us of our shared obligation to provide knowledge, transparency and compassion, as we ramp up the fight against this global scourge.

How I built it

We used Google Forms as a simple way for citizens to share their experiences. We aggregated and processed this data through Google Spreadsheets and we exported this data to Google Maps to clearly visualize human stories of casualties and hope.

Challenges I ran into

Developing data aggregation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a website with the map embedded.

What I learned

We can successfully humanize a story that is filled with statistics, so that we can encourage people to modify behavior to save lives.

What's next for Global Dispatches: Citizen Task Force

Integrating data from multiple sources.

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