This is an AI-based image detection/recognition project using p5 js. It is especially quite crucial in this **Covid pandemic **to detect if the person is wearing a mask or not. For making this a huge amount of users to train the software to detect a person wearing a mask and not wearing a mask.

Inspiration -

I got my inspiration from increasing track records of covid-19 that are telecasted over the news channel and from the carelessness of citizens in this pandemic. So, I am trying to prevent the number of cases from increasing and suggest people wear masks before going to public places like Mall, park, etc.

Problems -

The people are not wearing masks while going to a public place and cases are increasing day by day. So, this application that suggests people wear masks before going to public places may decrease covid cases.

Solution -

Our Web application is pure beginner-friendly. It just takes a video and checks whether the person is wearing a mask or not and gives (alert) the suggestions to wear a mask if the person is not wearing a mask and vice-versa.

Challenges -

As I'm new to this, so it was really hard in the beginning to choose a topic, but later I learned a lot while completing this project. Like the AI and ML part of the web application was totally new for me. I have to work alone which is one of the greatest challenges for me as a beginner.

What I learned -

Through this hackathon, I learned to work alone, manage all thing needed to complete this project and know how hard is to work without a team, and handle your team.

What I aim to do next -

We are aiming to make the app more user friendly, add more features so that using this app will be a better experience for the users.

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