Global CoronaVirus Tracker is basically a web application that tracks all the recovered, confirmed cases of COVID-19. It also keeps a track of all the death cases by COVID-19. This web app fetches the data from COVID19api through javascript code.

Inspiration -

We got our inspiration from track records that are telecasted over the news channel. So, we are trying to present those like records of the number of death cases, recovered and confirmed cases of covid-19 throughout the world.

Problems -

There's no such particular application that keeps a track of all those recovered, confirmed, and death cases in one place.

Solution -

Our Web application is pure beginner-friendly. It just takes 1- day or 2 to update the track record.

Challenges -

As we all of us were beginners, so it was really hard in the beginning to choose a topic, but later we all learned a lot while completing this project. Like the backend (API) part of the web application was totally new for us.

What we learned -

Through this hackathon, we learned the importance of a team and learned how to work in a team.

What we aim to do next -

We are aiming to make the app more user friendly, add more features so that using this app will be a better experience for the users.

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