A symfony based covid-19 analysis tool

This tool uses the following repository as data source:

Please have a closer look at the this repository for limitations of the further use of this data!

"This GitHub repo and its contents herein, including all data, mapping, and analysis, copyright 2020 Johns Hopkins University, all rights reserved, is provided to the public strictly for educational and academic research purposes."

//#COVID2019 //#CodeVsCovid19

get it running


I developed this app with:

  • php >= 7.2
  • mysql/mariadb
  • composer
  • yarn

your will need to

  • Create a new file config/parameter_prod.yaml (change the admin password and your database connection)
  • import the database dump from data/db/covid_dump_ed.sql.gz
  • check if there is a fitting public/.htacces.ENV for your needs or create a fitting public/.htacces

finally run in project directory shell

  • composer install or composer update for backend components
  • yarn install for front end components
  • yarn encore prod or yarn encore dev corresponding to your needs
  • pray that the app is running now
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