Due to COVID, there are bans on mass gatherings, concerts and festivals have been cancelled, and young people have found themselves stuck at home. The lack of entertainment and social activities has meant that many of them are feeling isolated and alone. Furthermore, artists and vendors have lost a principal source of income, and artists may have found themselves with much more free time.

Therefore, we wanted a solution that would benefit both audiences and artists, as well as all supporting parties, to help people recreate a festival atmosphere at home.

What it does

The idea is a festival experience in a box. Audiences can purchase tickets online, and a festival kit is sent to their homes a week before an event. The box will contain exclusive merch and offerings to help recreate a festival atmosphere at home. On the day, they can log in to the platform, and stream the festival whilst interacting with their friends through video or messages. The contents of the kit will be tailored to the specific event, with attendees connected to others globally through a unique shared experience.

It helps connect people with their friends and artists with their supporters, to recreate the social aspect of festivals. The festival kit is a unique offering to provide an immersive experience that's more than simply watching a stream on your phone; it's a way to feel connected to people all over the world, knowing they're all wearing the same hat that they found in the box. It helps reduce feelings of isolation in young adults, and improve their mental health by providing a social outlet. Concertified provides a new revenue stream for artists, vendors and festival organisers, by creating a new niche in the market.

How I built it

  • Miro: Planning including lean canvas, risky assumptions mapping, personas, roadmap, brainstorming
  • Figma: Creating the prototype
  • Canva: Creating the pitch deck
  • Zoom: Communication
  • Slack: Communication
  • Messenger: Communication
  • G suite: Google docs, and Google Drive for collaboration on documents and for putting information together
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Pitch video

Challenges I ran into

  • Figma had a steep learning curve
  • Initial prototype design received negative feedback so we had to quickly change it
  • Made too many assumptions at first, so had to let go of them and open our minds to new ideas
  • Getting comfortable with pivoting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team contributions:


Role: Australia daytime lead, hustler, the writer

Key contributions: Ideation, lean canvas, risky assumptions mapping, prototype creation on Figma, market research, pitch ideas, pitch video, roadmap, pitch script


Role: Hipster, team worker, the ‘namer’

Key contributions: Ideation, lean canvas, risky assumptions mapping, prototype design, prototype creation on Figma, market research, pitch ideas, roadmap, team and service name, pitch script


Role: UK daytime lead, hustler, documentation

Key contributions: Ideation, user stories, personas, google forms survey and further questions, prototype design, prototype creation on Figma, market research, roadmap, pitch ideas, pitch deck, pitch script


Role: Hipster

Key contributions: Prototype creation on Figma, summary of survey responses, project timeline document

What I learned

  • How to use various tools such as Figma and Miro
  • How to navigate time zones and provide team members with concise updates
  • How to trust team members to get work done when you’re asleep
  • How to create an effective pitch
  • Challenges and obstacles faced when creating a start-up
  • The importance of pivoting

What's next for Global Challenge Submission

The world is likely never going to go back to what we previously defined as normal, and virtual events are here to stay. We're offering a new form of entertainment, a festival experience in a box. Affordable, convenient and global, audiences can enjoy a festival without the need to travel halfway across the world. The subscription box market is growing, and the current pandemic has created a people are seeking out new ways to connect with their friends and favourite artists. Our ultimate aim is for Concertified to become a global sensation; to see all festivals partnering with the service to attract larger audiences, both hardcore festival fans and casual music listeners. The goal is to provide an additional service and work in partnership with festival and concert organisers to become the next best thing to physically being at an event.

Pitch Deck

Built With

  • adobe-premiere-pro
  • canva
  • figma
  • g-suite
  • miro
  • slack
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