Credit Generation Based on the Blockchain to prevent climate change

It allocates the credits to organizations and countries based on that credits they are allowed to use the carbon products once it exceeded they are penalized by the UN Secretary.

We have used the Blockchain technology and MERN stack to create this platform that not only stores the record of the carbon credits but also it helps other peoples learn more about it and contribute this is a small initiative in the direction of the safer and cleaner future focusing to achieve the 13th SDG of UN before 2030.

Deploying on ethereum node was really a difficult thing that took most of our time and creating a DApp to represent It. Being a technology less used and touched it has a little less online support as compared to Hype technologies like ML and AI.

We have a really good network of nodes and wallets that are transacting in the real-time exchanging through demo money but printing the transections on a real blockchain node of ethereum.

My greatest lesson is that my knowledge is still less and one is never a master of the field. when it comes to the real implementation that's when our actual skills are tested. We learned a lot about the Blockchain and its integration with the web and also we performed the difficult task of live transection and data set showcase that was storing real values.

We want to pitch it in the Global Climate Summit and Young ChangeMaker's Summit to implement it in real life with the help of UN Technology Innovation Labs.

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