posted an update

Uploaded what is probably going to be the final release for the Jam.

In total I've spent 38 hours on the project due to family and work commitments over the three weeks I was aware the jam was taking place.

It's been a pleasure to develop my first VR experience and right now I want to take the half dozen or so VR experiences and games and turn them into something rather special. I've got Aspergers and have two kids (with vastly different ages) also with Aspergers and I down when they are having difficulties among the other VR projects I'd like to complete.

What went right? Well the immersiveness feels really good to me but it is lost a little thanks to glitches in models and lighting (hey I never claimed to be an artist). I'm really impressed with that side of things. Very simple models, lighting and audio come together and the brain starts to accept them really quickly.

What went wrong? Well I picked this project because it's easier to make somebody feel 'odd' than it is to feel 'good' in goggles and will be until people get used to them. What isn't easy is crossing the uncanny valley and trying to do a realistic scene at 60fps with multiple cameras on a mobile phone. That goes double when water needs to look and act like mucky water. If I had to pick another VR title to do in 40 or so hours I'd have gone abstract. Maybe next time.

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