I was locked out of WeWork when I went outside to capture more 3D geometries using a project tango tablet. When I found someone to unlock the elevator to come back, I accidentally started 3D capturing on the tablet - and the result was amazing since the tablet generated a map with the ground and 4th floor stitched as if they are in the same floor. Then I started to experiment and find "glitches" while capturing 3D models.

How I built it

The glitches I tested was:

  • rotate the tablet very fast to generate nonprecise results
  • elevator trick described as above
  • use a color filter by pepper's ghost to add colorful effects in the 3D model
  • stabilize an object in front of the tablet to add artifacts

The experiment was mostly done on the Tango tablet, but some coding was involved, for example, controlling the color filter by a Javascript app for iPhone, and visualizing the resulting 3D model using OpenGL.

Challenges I ran into

The reconstruction app is made by Google and is clever enough to reduce noises and eliminate foreground objects (e.g., human) from the 3D model. So I had to experiment what objects are suitable to introduce glitches, and how to move the tablet to produce glitches.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Some results are not just interesting but has aesthetics.

What I learned

Project Tango is not perfect.

What's next for Glitch 3D

A video version.

Built With

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