People spend a lot of time at work! Too much unhealthy stress at work can impact the other parts of our lives, and vice versa. Managers are an important part of people's experiences at work, and play a role in team performance and wellness. We believe that managers can benefit from a tool that helps them understand and improve team members' mental health & wellness. Happier employees can become more loyal to the company, and also can better contribute to their teams, their families, and society as a whole.

What it does

We collect data when employees first join the company (onboarding/welcome), and at weekly intervals ("pulse" check). From this data, we create a dashboard profile for the employee's manager, which includes helpful suggestions for the manager that can be utilized on a regular basis.

How we built it

We used Google App Engine to create a web presence for Glisten, and SurveyHero to power the data collection part of the project.

Challenges we ran into

The usuals with hackathons. Also, we all had different schedules this weekend. Two team members couldn't attend Sunday. Another team member had also signed up to run the Oakland Marathon on the same weekend as part of a relay team. We ran into technical issues with wifi and a laptop unexpectedly not working. Even then, we were able to communicate expectations accordingly and submit our project on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

On Saturday, when all 5 team members were available, we had a great discussion about the problem space and potential solutions. With our diverse perspectives and experiences, we were able to think through important and relevant topics before starting to consider the implementation details.

What we learned

Though we all had different backgrounds and past experiences, we were able to converge on similar problems to tackle in this project e.g. understanding employee preferences during onboarding, collecting a weekly pulse of the employee's most recent mental state, and recommending actions for managers that can help improve employee well-being and team performance.

What's next for Glisten

Present at the Hack Mental Health science fair and judging on Sunday 3/24.

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