We have built Travel Ride bid Bot. Bidding travel ride is one of the crucial aspect in travel or cab industry.

What it does

Driver or Cab owner can bid for travel ride through chat with Travel Ride bid Bot. Driver or Cab owner just need to share basic details along with bid amount with bot and done. Bot will identify entry with minimum bid amount and will send sms notification to respective driver/cab owner. How cool is that !!!

How we built it

  1. We installed:
    • PHP 5.5+
    • CURL extension
    • MCrypt extension
  2. Created php project
  3. Created sample application in Ringcentral developer portal
  4. Started the PHP built-in Web Server locally
  5. Setup Webhook URL for the Bot
  6. Started bot
  7. On-Boarded the Bot into Glip
  8. We are done, started chatting with the Bot. How cool is that !!

Challenges we ran into

Everything was new to us. Also we both are from different city. We worked together using GLIP chat and meeting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not know about php, botman framework and Glip framework. We learned, learned and learned. We proud of that we learned php, botman framework and Glip framework

What we learned

  1. PHP
  2. Botman framework
  3. RingCentral API
  4. RingCentral Glip bot framework
  5. Glip
  6. Team work
  7. Collaboration

What's next for Travel Ride Bid Bot - TRBB

We are going to add some more scenarios to this bot. I am also going to add this bot to my ride booking site @

Testing Instructions:

On-board bot into Glip chat Start chatting with bot. Please find sample conversation below

Want to bid for travel ride Banglore January 3000

Want to see history ? Yes

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