We are inspired by apps like instagram and snapchat that allow you to share your experiences in images and video instantly with your friends and sometimes the whole world.

However this feed of information can be limited either by who you know, Snapchat - your contacts or Instagram the people you follow and the tags you search.

We are also inspired by subreddits that bring together people by shared interests. We wanted a subreddit for real-time sharing of media.

What it does

What Glimpse allows you to do is to share with the world your particular activities through images and video in a public channel of your choosing. Channels allow people to tune in to content they are interested in through subscriptions. Users are updated when new content is added and content is guaranteed fresh.

As a contributor the community will get to know you by your highly rated submissions and frequent contributions to particular channels.

How we built it

We built it using Facebook's ReactNative framework and Google's Firebase for our backend.

Challenges we ran into

ReactNative is still very young so we had a lot of challenges getting low level modules to work as expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Putting together a working native app with a database behind it in record time.

What we learned

We learned frequent team meetings discussing with your team members on what each is working on from the beginning goes a long way to getting tasks moving by quickly. This way we were able to know where someone was needing help.

What's next for Glimpse

What's left is adding a lot of the features people are used to and have come to expect from image sharing apps. That along and making it worthwhile for our contributors who will ultimately make our sharing community for people to download the app and view content.

  • Upvote capabilities
  • Filter/Image Editing
  • Spam reporting

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