We were inspired by S.C.S., sad corner syndrome, a plague affecting many anti social people who opt for playing on their phone in a dark corner instead of being social, and interacting with each other.

What it does

Gilm provides a peer to peer decentralized network and compares user's interests in order to help them find people nearby who like what they like.

How we built it

Glim makes use of Bluetooth Low Emission's peripheral mode to enable passive communication between iOS devices.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges with coming up with a method of communicating that could work cross platform, finding hardware that supported BLE peripheral which is relatively new technology, and limitations of apple's API for peer to peer communication.

Furthermore the decentralized structure of our network made the project more complicated.

What we learned

Garrett learned a lot about low level Bluetooth communication, paradigms of peer to peer connectivity, and how to live with out sleep.

Sam got a crash course in Android development, and made great strides despite that aspect of that project being tabled.

What's next for glim

We have started work on an android version (, but due to a lack of hardware that supported BLE periphrael mode we had to table it for most of the hackathon But considering the large amount of people who use android phones, finishing the android version is both a natural and necessary extension of this project.

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