• We got the idea for the app when we thought about all the opportunities people miss simply because they didn't know they existed.
  • We really liked how Reddit was laid out and liked the freedom of 4chan (how you can post anonymously). We also wanted to connect people who want to do things together. ## What it does
  • Glider is a web application where a user can post an event and details about events. Users would be able to post comments on events and interact with them.

How we built it

On the backend Andrew used MongoDB (Mongoose), Express and NodeJS. On the frontend, Matt used React.js and react-router-dom.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble rendering data due to asynchronous timing. We can log the data to console, so we know the front-end receives it and we know the backend manages the data correctly, however we could not get it to work together that well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We both learned a great deal about our respective technologies and stacks. Both of essentially went from having a very small amount of experience to building out a reasonably sized project in about a day.

What we learned

Andrew mainly learned about building RESTful APIs and how to use MongoDB a bit. Matt learned a lot about React (on top of what he already knew).

What's next for Glider

We're taking it to an ICO.

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