GleeMinder: A Virtual Time Capsule by Team Dylan and Friends Dylan Finch Jessie Butler Leslie Blustein Anthony Folino



Our idea was to create a new time-delayed social network for times where you want to send messages to yourself or someone else at some point in the future. Unlike most modern types of communication, this new service, called “GleeMinder” after the joy it will bring you and your friends, will allow you to communicate with people after some random amount of time. Users can subscribe to GleeLists that interest them to receive messages every day related to their interests.

Intended Features

Some of the biggest features include: Being able to create personal accounts to send messages from. Being able to send messages to either yourself or someone else through the service, through email, or via text, with some sort of time delay. Being able to subscribe to “GleeLists” that would send you messages everyday, at random times, about some topic. Being able to access the service on multiple platforms with different screensizes, including mobile devices.


There would be many possible uses for this app, like: Sending future self an inspirational message before a test, a birthday, or a rough time Removing the possibility of forgetting to send friends messages before big events in their life, by allowing you to start sending them early. Sending supportive messages to friends who are going through a rough time. Get daily messages from “GleeLists” of topics you are interested in.


Initial Troubles with Mobile Development

Unfortunately, a lot of time was spent on implementation ideas that ultimately did not pan out. Initially, we intended to have the app available on iOS devices. However, Apple’s strict policies on who can use their software limited this option. We then moved to trying to make the app for android devices. However, this, too, proved infeasible, because no one in out group had any experience with Android development.

Internet-Based Application

Development was finally moved to an internet-based application. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and limited experience with HTML and Javascript, hindered development. This, left our final product as a slightly stripped down version of our original idea.

Final Version

Because of time constraints and limited experience, the final product has a fully functional front end, but no real back-end functionality. The HTML documents display what our web-based application will look like, but currently do not allow users to send or receive messages. Nevertheless, the front end does display a full range of features that will be added in the future and is available to access at, hosted by AWS. In this version, all text, images and buttons are implemented. Pages have a logged-in and a logged-out versions, and a mock user profile has been created. Links between the pages are all functional. The site was developed for all possible screen sizes, with some features changing on lower screen sizes.

Future Plans

In the future, we plan to give the website a back-end and make all promised services fully functional. We would also like to port the service to mobile devices, too. With more time to better understand web-development and implement intended features, we believe that Gleeminders could be the communication medium of the future.

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