Beginner starts with a lot of enthusiasm to learn a Skill but without the help of a Interactive Mentor he lost his interest .That's the reason for me to Make a Tutorial for Beginners to learn about this new AR tech platform Spark AR and the platform is provided by Facebook to Publish it

What it does

Well in upcoming AR tech Revolution Mine project is just like adding a drop of water in Sea . With the help of AR it scan the face of person in front of it and then a fancy coloured Glasses popped up on the face of person .

How I built it

I just built it by following a few steps -: 1) Choosing the face decoration Template from Spark AR . 2) By using the Present face tracker and by expanding them we found the icon for 3d glasses and the right side the output of this phone . 3) From the Assest Panel on the left bottom we can choose or import different types of assest . In this Tutorial we
can import assests from sites from sketchfab(Default) and also can be imported from Computer . I have imported it from computer . 4) With the help of step 3 now Glasses are imported and then while Dragging from assest to top front to make it child of a face tracker under drag here option and resize it with the help of right panel . 5) After resizing and managing all stuff now u well get Glasses on the person 6) At last u can also change the color of glasses acc. to your need .

Challenges I ran into

If Truly u are asking i don't face a lot of challenges bcoz i'm using this Studio from past few month and it's really interesting . i just get Troubled while selecting exact glasses but for few seconds not more than this

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have made filters for my 2 friends and got 5 to 6 k views probably .

What I learned

As a Learner i found myself to get stuck with Tech sometimes but the interesting stuff with this AR Studio and i have learned to build the creative ideas easily

What's next for Glasses Filter

The Great Question for improvement and the answer i just want to add some textures and want to try out some stuff with scripting to make interactive

Built With

  • sparkar
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