As students, we realized that insurance is a topic that is often seen as unapproachable and difficult to learn about. Getting insurance and finding the right one for a certain situation can seem scary and hard to understand, so we wanted to build a platform where a user could punch in appropriate information and find the most suitable information for them.

What it does

1. Glass Wings creates an equal platform where anyone can share their information about what kind of insurance they have bought or encountered based on the environmental factors of their property

2. Glass Wings can predict the type of insurance and cost of it a user can expect based on the property they are trying to buy.

3. Glass Wings uses real-time data from actual users, raising awareness about insurance for individuals while simultaneously calculating insurance quickly and easily.

How we built it

We built this platform with Python Django, then utilised AWS in order to train our model to predict the right insurance based on our crowd-sourced data. Not only is this trustworthy because it is based on real-time user verified data, but an individual can get a sense of how much everyone else is paying so that they don't feel they are being ripped off by a company.

Challenges we ran into

AWS's SageMaker and ML is not an easy topic to learn overnight. Using new technologies and a new concept was a huge learning curve, which made it a challenge for us to build the product we envisioned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are tackling real-life issues. Environment is a hot topic right now because more and more people are becoming aware about climate change and the circumstances we are living in, and I believe that we are hopping on the right trends and tackling the appropriate issues.

What we learned

The team learned a lot about insurance. Especially as students in pure tech, we weren't too aware about the finance and insurance industry. We realized that these are real-life problems that everyone faces (we will too eventually!) so we understood that this is a problem that everyone should be more aware about.

Not only this, we got to learn a good amount of new technologies such as Django and also ML techniques with AWS.

What's next for Glass Wings

Improve our ML model. Although we did train our set with some mock data, we would love to crowd source more data for more accurate and interesting information.

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