Bracky's navmesh tutorial got us thinking about making a never-ending isometric running game!

What it does

We made a game that can be played on Facebook Messenger with friends.

How we built it

Using Unity3d, and building for WebGL. Once built, we had to edit the index.html to make the game compatible with Facebook messenger.

Challenges we ran into

Sizing of the application in messenger and on phones. It only works well on computers when the screen is put to full-screen mode. Another difficulty was figuring out how to make Unity talk with Facebook messenger -- not sure how to share the user's scores to a leaderboard/on messenger.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • The music :)
  • The procedural generation code
  • Figuring out how to make the game run on messenger
  • We think its a fun game!

What I learned

  • How to upload and make games for Facebook messenger.
  • How to work with github for a Unity project

What's next for Glass Runner!

  • Fixing the app sizing
  • Figuring out how to set up a leaderboard
  • Making it more compatible for left-handed people
  • Maybe adding a joystick as an option

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