Glass maid helps busy housewife create cleaning lists for various occasions.

Having a good list of things to clean will help you bring the same efficiency and productivity, helping you complete some of the more boring tasks that need to be done, get your house clean and organized. The app provide time-saving tips for how to clean your house faster and more effectively, breaking down a variety of cleaning tips into dedicated categories and helping you learn new ways to complete your cleaning chore list in less time.

Keep your carpets free of unsightly stains, learn how to manage your laundry in a manner that results in clean clothes that last longer, and eliminate some stress, all with the help of this app that’s filled with advice and instructions for removing stains and caring for your clothing, to maintain a clean and orderly home, and even view inspiration photos for home decorating.

It can even create a circle of preferred friends to buy, set up a garage sale, sell and trade with, eliminating some of the more anonymous aspects of working with local online classifieds sites. Glass Maid could also connect the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you by using the Myo motion and gestures to control digital devices.

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