Glare does everything it can do as an application to help out emergency victims get special care or assistance as fast a possible from any ambulance system. Glare uses the power of mobile technology along with GPS features to share the exact location of the victim to the service. The app is also available to ambulance drivers and helps in tracking the exact location and status of the ambulances from the central call center. The tracking enables to locate the nearest ambulance when a service request is received and makes it very easy to assign the victim to any particular ambulance along with the full location information available from the report received at call center through Glare app.. This also helps the ambulance drivers to navigate to the victim through the shortest or fastest path as provided by Google maps. In future, Glare can also enhanced as an app where kind hearted people can sign up as volunteers and a community can be build around these volunteers to assist the victims in case of emergency and give help to emergency care providers in moving the victims.

Admin App

Glare Admin User for emergency services officials or call center personnel that lets users view and take action on all recent glares sent.The admin app lets admins view the exact location of the glares being sent , further details like an image and description if the reporters has sent it . From the location received the admin can see in real-time which ambulance / police / fire personnel is nearest to the sent location and connect the two.

Ambulance Driver app

Glare for ambulance drivers helps to send the current location of ambulance in real time and also receive service assignment as made by call center with location of victim.. Then the app will provide the faster route with proper navigation.

User onboarding

  1. Choose the type of user. Login as Admin or Login as User or Login as Driver
  2. Enter the phone number
  3. Verify by entering the OTP received in sms
  4. Enter the name of user after logging in.

Public User

  1. To send a glare user need to first select emergency mode (Police, fire or Ambulance)
  2. In next step user can give more info via a picture or a brief description(optional)
  3. Location of the user automatically picked up and send to Admin on Submit

Admin User

  1. Three tabs Pending, Assigned And Completed cases
  2. On selecting any Pending cases admin can see all the available drivers sorted by distance and tagged by location.
  3. Admin can immediately assign the case to any of the drivers who can bring help to victim as fast as possible
  4. In Assigned cases, admin can mark job as completed
  5. Also In Completed cases reopen issues in case of a mistake or error on any sides

Driver User

  1. Driver receives the glare as notification
  2. View emergency picture and description if available
  3. Accept or Reject the job.
  4. Once accepted he will be able to contact person who requested help through call
  5. Also with the location point of victim he can navigate easily to exact spot through fastest route on map.
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