For most of my professional career, I've created software integrations. A customer, client or employer needs CRM synced to the help desk software, and the help desk needs to sync to the task management system, and billing system synced with marketing system, etc. etc.

Fortunately, over the years iPaaS solutions like Zapier have come along and greatly simplified the syncing and workflow automation side of integration, but that's only HALF of a great integration.

The other equally important half is having the ability to SEE your data from other systems wherever you're working. If you're working in, you need to be able to see your data from CRM, billing, support desk, marketing, etc. to get your job done most efficiently without spending time switching tabs and searching for what you need.

Enter Glances. The singular customer view across all of your apps, available directly within

What it does

Glances lets you see all of your customer data from CRM, support desk, marketing, billing, etc. that is not stored in directly within so you can save time from having to find the right browser tab or constantly search for the data you need.

You connect your apps, pick which views you want to see and within a couple minutes you can have all of your customer data visible within

Supported Apps

You can view your customer data from all of the following apps:

Salesforce Zoho Pipedrive HubSpot Freshsales SugarCRM SuiteCRM Shopify Quickbooks Xero Zendesk Freshdesk Groove Stripe Mailchimp Constant Contact Intercom DreamFactory

Built With

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