As smart homes become more popular and intricate, managing Internet of Things devices gets increasingly tedious. Users either have to install screens on all their devices or inspect each device by hand on a web browser to get reports on their smart devices. AWS is less accessible for nontechnical consumers, and the readings can be difficult to understand. IoT device owners need a simple and dynamic way to get clear readings from their devices.

What it does

Glance monitors IoT devices in an augmented reality environment via a mobile web browser. Within the environment users can monitor, troubleshoot, and track data from their IoT devices. Glance provides clear and accurate data directly above the device through DynamoDB services.Instead of installing screens or inspecting the device online the user can simply open up their mobile web browser and walk around the room to inspect their IoT equipment.

How we built it

Glance integrates AWS, ARCore, javascript, and d.3 into one mobile browser application. When the user registers their device via a QR code the device immediately sends it's data to a DynamoDB server. From there the readings are available in a canvas just above the device.

Challenges we ran into

Comparing AR kits was up to discussion in the beginning of the project, but ultimately the team decided on ARCore as it was widely accessible to users and has superior graphics and object tracking over ARKit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating AWS, IoT, and AR technology into one application was challenging, but the team's strong understanding of the product's design pulled the project through.

What we learned

Most of the group had some experience in either AWS, IoT, or AR but combining the three was a new experience.

What's next for Glance

In the future this technology could be used in different environments, such as using IoT devices to get readings from a car's engine. Glance could be used to take a quick diagnostic of your car's health. This would make car maintenance more accessible for users.

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