This was developed for Oculus's VR Game Jam 2013. I needed something relatively simple in scope (I had a 6-month-old to contend with) and needed to use assets available online. I found this animal pack while perusing 3drt, and it gave me the idea of doing a Colosseum game. The Colosseum is a neat setting for a VR app, it's relatively confined yet immersive.

How it works

You find yourself entering the Colosseum and face four different animal challenges. Spears are located in the center of the arena. Defend yourself against these raging beasts!

Challenges I ran into

My then two-year-old saw me testing the game one day and was curious. Then the tiger chased me... That night at bedtime I kept hearing about the scary tiger. I worked late that night to make a version where the animals worked more like a petting zoo, to convince him they weren't scary after all. It worked (and he wanted to play it again and again...)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It feels pretty awesome when that giant rhino is running you down and you escape around a pillar :)

What I learned

A lot about game jams. This was my first, and it was such an amazingly fun experience. I loved following everyone's progress in the forums.

What's next for GladVR

Nothing right now. In the end, I decided I didn't love creating a game about fighting animals, even big scary ones ;)

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