We use Google Glass to control a Portal GLaDOS 3D printed head with integrated Logitech C920 HD webcam. Accelerometer + Gyro data from Glass are sent through a digital low filter, through a Raspberry Pi, and into a custom designed dynamixel servo array for head control. All the parts for the servo array were designed and 3D printed at VTHacks. Video and audio are sent from the webcam to Glass using onboard H.264 compression, offloading processing resources from the Pi to the camera while Google Text to Speech from Glass is sent through a custom transcription process to sound exactly like GLaDOS from portal to the person presented before GLaDOS. The poor mans oculus rift that Glass mimics through the head tracking and visual display utilizes low latency video services providing an interactive environment to display. The router running everything uses OpenWRT GPIO pins to active a fan to dispense neurotoxins if the user approaches too close to GLaDOS. Wireless network interference became an extremely frustrating factor while at the hackathon. Routers became unusable on the 2.4 Ghz band while the 5ghz band operated around normal levels. Unfortunately we were forced to use 2.4ghz as glass cannot connect to 5Ghz.

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