Table #43

This is GlaDOS. She will insult you a lot.

We based our hackathon project after one of the characters in the video game Portal. GalDOS is an artificially intelligent antagonist, who is constantly insulting and berating the actions of the player. We hacked into the demo versions of the Kinect Software to have GlaDOS insult people based on their actions. For example, if GlaDOS senses that you're happy, she will quickly tell you, "I will kill you, and all the cake is gone." All of the voiceovers for the software are actual GlaDOS quotes from the game.We utilized the Javascript based code in Microsoft Visual Studio to have the Kinect detect multiple facial characteristics and body gestures. Some of the key features of the software include high quality facial recognition and response.

The second portion of our project includes the rotational motion of GlaDOS in Portal. We connected the Microsoft Kinect to a servo controlled by a Tessel to simulate GlaDOS following you as you move around the room. If GlaDOS does not see you engaged (looking at the Kinect), she will rotate back and forth in a half circle until she detects you. When she finally does see you, she will begin insulting you again. This particular iteration of the GlaDOS project is targeted towards teenagers and college students who appreciate some insult-based humor. However, this technology could be easily applied to all ages for a variety of reasons. For example, it could deliver motivation quotes to people working out with the Kinect. It could also be placed in hospital rooms where it could deliver inspirational quotes to patients who are not smiling enough. Other possible uses include art exhibitions, science centers, and workout aids in the gym.

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