Ultimate Chicken Horse, a game of setting obstacles in your friend's way.

What it does

Fun. More specifically, compete with one of your friends (or foes) in a one on one match to the death. Rounds are split into three stages: First, choose your traps. Then place them in places that are likely to interrupt your opponent. Finally you and your opponent play each other's obstacle course. You then start placing more obstacle's on the course you just survived, so overtime, both you and your opponent build on the chaos that you started.

Controls (Xbox Controller Highly Recommended)

Analog Stick to Move, B for Instructions, A for Actions, Shoulder buttons for selection.

Keyboard Controls

WASD and Arrows to Move, F and Right Shift for Actions, I for Instructions, Q E, Right Ctrl and Numpad 0 for selection.

How we built it

Using the incredible Unity technologies, programming in C#.

Challenges we ran into

Multi-Controller input. Sprite Rendering and Collision Detection. General debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Multi-Controller support. Artwork Particle effects Level construction mechanics

What we learned

Unity input systems. Pixel Perfect Camera. Unity's Tile Map system

What's next for Gladiator Gull

General expansion on the core concept. UX improvements, including transitions and control signaling.

Built With

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