Inspiration - Every person is stressed in some situation or the other. I thought to build something that would make one feel calm and happy to increase their productivity and overall brain health

What it does - Checks with user about their mood. Categorizes them into happy, sad or angry. If the user is already happy, they try to make them happier and tell them to keep up the good mood. If the user is sad, it tries to make them happy by providing comical gifs. If they are angry, it tries to calm them down.

How I built it - I used Alexa developer console to interact with the user. For the backend, I am using python

Challenges I ran into - This is the first time that I am going solo and building an API. Making user interface with Alexa and integrating with the backend is the toughest part

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - The idea of building an API from scratch

What I learned - Alexa developer console, giphy sdk usage, a bit of json

What's next for Gladden - This is a very basic stage where it shows gifs according to user moods. I would like to build a songs' library that categorizes songs on the basis of user emotion and then provide output in form of video beats with lots of colours. The colours should also be categorized on the emotion input, like for example, light colours to calm down the user if they are angry and bright colours if they are feeling sad.

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