Urgent communication for disaster releif mapping and other necessities like supply delivery and verification. This app will enable field to supply and relief specialists to be orchestrated via the nexmo app and api development platform. Chat api sms

What it does

First api nexmo short code will send alert message to disaster team with a sourceforge app gizmo4. This will inform receiver of type of incoming data and emergency issued. Responder can easily call back or sms data needs. Enbles a sender receiver to dispatch and coordinate sms email to voice calls. Developed for disaster releif can also be enabled for b2b calls sms and general comversations

How I built it

Using the nexmo platform for short code messaging. 5 day wait for this short code approval frpm Nexmo. Also the nexmo api for receiving text data sms or video to the callers nimber or field reps number

Challenges I ran into

This is a difficult to create the api interfaces. I found the shortcode to message the respondents of incoming emergency. Need the Nexmo authorization. Once these apis are integrated this will be a powerful tool to acuratly receive text sms and voice over one nexmo number

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for gizmo4nexmo

Built With

  • nexmo
  • nexmo-short-vode
  • short-code-nexmo-send-message
  • sourceforgeapps
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