There is a constant battle between staying up to date on things you like to know, things you need to know, and getting work done. Most often that takes the form of switching between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr tabs (and usually more) just to consume information.

Now...imagine you are at an event...A hackathon for instance. You are on your phone and trying to see if any new information is posted, or if you have been spotted in one of the pictures the media guru’s have taken during the event. You start by logging on to your twitter account and checking if there was anything posted. You then have to do the same with facebook, instagram, tumblr, or any of the other social media outlets used. It would be nice and easy if there was a way to get all this information in an interactable format in a centralized location. Luckily, that's exactly what Gizmo does.

Gizmo is a social media widget that you can add to your website which combines facebook, twitter, tumblr, and Instagram in one central location, and its super easy to use. You can use a hashtag across all platforms or you can chose to pull individual profiles across these networks and create a centralized social media profile. All it takes is two lines of code.

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